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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wild Woman Workshop


Welcome to our Three-day workshop the Sacred Feminine

..offering on the Sacred soil of Avalon.

This three day intensive is there for all women, no one excluded.
You, when you are searching, when you are lost or when you are reconnecting with your hearts deepest knowing and want to share and experience this with others. Also if you just feel the need to be connected and reunited with women, who will be joining us from all over the world, to feel the warm, healing and Loving energy of Sisterhood. At the Heart Chakra of the world, Glastonbury.
This is the occasion to co-create an experience that will be
a gift to build on..
Are you longing for Sisterhood connection and feeling the increasing force of three days intensive togetherness? This is the unique opportunity! To connect with yourself and rediscover your Wild Nature. To restore your connection with other women at one of the most magical places in the world A retreat to our most Divine belly feeling, our spiritual source, exploring our inner knowing and dancing with bare feet on the Sacred ground of the mythical isle of Avalon.

Can you feel it..?..

What can you expect?

The aim of the workshop is to experience sisterhood, by making contact with each other, nurturing our emotions, our bodies and the living world around us. To connect and learn how to trust our natural intuitive wisdom.

We will visit Sacred places, connect with ourselves, with each other and with the earth. We will dance, share, laugh, eat chocolate and listen to the rhythms of the drum.

Most exercises and ceremonies will be performed outside in nature, around and even in the two Sacred Springs located there and in various other consecrated places.

Feel Welcome and join this beautiful opportunity!

: 23-25 august (3 days from 10.00 –17.00)

Where: Glastonbury, England
Total Places available: 30 Women
Costs: 325 euro for 3 days
Inclusive: 3 Day Workshop entrance & 3 days organic lunch,
                  Professional Belly Dance guidance
Created byWild Woman Sisterhood

(If you need help for sleeping accommodation, you can contact us)
For tickets:
Make your reservation for the workshop by sending your details to:

Feel free to sent your e-mail with qny question to: 


Turenne said...

Wild Women Sisterhood is a very inspiring experience to me as a Courageous Wild Woman. You inspire me in hearing and trusting my innerself speaking in this journey to Dance Our Soul...

Turenne said...

I am looking forward to the worshop...

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