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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Redefining 'Beautiful'

Redefining Beautiful
"My mother always told me I was fat as a little girl. I have never felt beautiful."

I have heard these words from many women that I have had the honor to photograph. The thing is, we are taught how to perceive our bodies. Our own mothers were taught how to perceive bodies. We come from a linage of teachings that are more often than not unauthentic and untrue.

I ask: if we, as mothers, are concernced for our daughter's health, let's take her to the park. Let's re-invent how we eat. Let's dance several times a day. Let's LEAD by example how to be active and how to LOVE our bodies.

Let's teach our children to see beauty in all shapes and may we encourage our daughters to tell themselves that they are BEAUTIFUL and encourage them to tell others they are BEAUTIFUL too! May we nurture the seeds of self love for our children so that they can feel wonderful and help others to feel wonderful too!

One of the best ways to teach our daughters to feel beautiful: to genuinely FEEL beautiful ourselves in this miraculous skin which we have been blessed to live in, to dance with, to cry from, to love from.

How do you feel beautiful?

Author: Jade Beall

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sonya miller said...

When I wear clothing that makes me happy like a Hello Kitty Teeshirt or a Pinup dress, or my favorite color I take that feeling and smile, then I look in the mirror and think...You are cute, you are smart...and this makes me feel beautiful

Anonymous said...

never feel beautiful anymore, my husband has so many younger women he connects to on the internet, always telling them how beautiful they are and how he loves them.
he lies to them about our relationship and makes them feel sorry for him....some he even tells he's dying from cancer, anything that works for their's sad to know that women believe everything a man tells them on here....he doesn't even post a picture or go by his proper name. Zeit Geist, who would believe a fantasy person?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. "anonymous" above me ^
YOU deserve to be the happiest person you can be.
Regardless of age or appearance. You're already beautiful, whether you're choosing to see it or not.
Like a seedling, you must have a good environment to blossom into the flower you've always wanted to be. I don't care if this is anonymous on the internet. I only hope that my words help you strengthen yourself.
YOU define your self worth. NOBODY should be able to tell you any different.
love and light, my sister.

Mr. Bill and Miss. Mona said...

When I am covered with dirt and sweat from my garden, when I am holding a grandchild, when my husband gives me that look from across a roomful of our family or reaches for my hand when we are sitting near each other, when my (grown!!!) kids hug me or when a grandchild cries,"Akka!" and runs toward me, when I worship and pray, when I can ease someone's pain...

Anonymous said...

Remember to "encourage one another, and let each one help to strengthen his friend..." excerpt from 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

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