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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our little Sisters need Help

Our little Sisters need our Help!
To All,
As we are all working on our Togetherness, women empowerment and creating our Circles... There are Sisters in this world that need our help. Our younger sisters , some of them still children, are being locked every single day, in India and other Asian countries. These young girls are locked and being Sexual Abused.
Help to free our little Sisters!
Every day millions of children worldwide are the victims of various forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation. The young victims of these practices are deeply affected, physically and psychologically.  Many children are particularly vulnerable to become victims of such serious acts of violence, due to the harsh conditions in which they live.
Free a Girl gives priority to the fight against child prostitution and helps girls escape the exploitative conditions.  To achieve this, Free a Girl supports several local partner organizations in Asia, Brazil, Moldova, Cameroon, as well as the Netherlands – in which the foundation operates.  These local organizations rescue, rehabilitate, reintegrate, and/or prevent victims of prostitution.
Watch this Video

To liberate thousands of children in India a good friend of Wild Woman Sisterhood, Eelko, is voluntarily locked up in a box. The idea is that he will experience how these girls are living. By doing this he raises funds and awareness he reaches out for people that will sponsor him. The money goes to the Free a Girl initiative.
This foundation scans the girls, frees them and provide good care and future prospects. Free a Girl has helped thousands of girls escape their exploiters.  Girls are freed every week by rescue teams in Cambodia, India and Thailand.  Free a Girl has also made possible the expansion or construction of new shelters in the Netherlands, Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia.  Still, more girls need help.  Our partners assist girls in making a fresh start by providing education, vocational training, and support in starting their own business or finding a job.
Lets support Eelko, help him free our Sisters and Donate what we can miss!
Every little bit can help..

Note: The page is Dutch, but most of the site you can also read in Englisch

Thank you in advance for your contributions
to create freedom for all of us!



The Frugal Fashionista said...

I run a clothing swap group in Northern Virginia and typically raise money for RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network) After reading your page and watching your video, I have decided that I will also help to raise money for "Free A Girl". The girls in the video broke my heart but also inspired me to help raise money for the cause. Thank you for all the good you do!

baba june said...

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BilkaSkincare said...


I would like to have the link for Free a Girl initiative so I can post it on my website, and I would like to have a badge from them with a link to their donate button for my website. Do you know how I can obtain these?


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