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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Full Moon Circle 25, april 2013

Welcome Sisters! (and Brothers!)
.. to our Wild Woman Sisterhood Full Moon Guidance

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio April 25th, 2013

We are having a very 'potent' Full Moon today.
A Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) and a FULL MOON in SCORPIO, the sign of transformation and rebirth.

As we are writing this we are overwhelmed with emotions. So many Sister World Wide are joining us today. Over 4400 signed in on our Event Page. We are Aware that our Guidance for this Full MoonCircle hasn't been at our best, as we where working so hard to get our Blog finished by today, and to launch this in the Full Moon Energy. From now on we will provide you more then just posting amazing pictures and inspiration on facebook. We will Blogging on all kinds of subjects in Sisterhood. Inspiration in Empowerment, Art, Healing, Moon -Circles, Dance, Gatherings, Rites de Passage, Maiden-Mother-Crone, Nature, Organic Health, Sustainable Living and connections in Sisterhood. We want you all to Be part of this and share all that is going on World Wide in all Women Circels.

So also for us, this is very exciting and a Special moment in Time. We are Grateful to have you all here!

We want to thank you in advance for understanding that there was a bit of lack in guidance this Month, especially for the first timers. We strongly believe that you did all find your own way to prepare youself to connect in the Circle today. And even if you did not, know that just Being there with your Heart and connecting with all Beings and our Divine Universe.. is all that is needed to be part of this Beautiful Event where we all connect. Next May Full Moon Circle, and from now on, you can find all information about our Global MoonCircle on this website. There will be a Video out here with Guidance and Voice meditation and we will collect here all the information we can provide about MoonCircles, Rituals and everything that is needed to know about this subject and how we all connect in moments like these. We want to thank all Sisters that took care of guidance for us. We are all in this together, that is what this is all about. Connection and Unity! Sisters, and Brothers also.. no one is excluded here.


Wild Woman Sisterhood

Some great advice from the always wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology blog:

“In this darkened space, there is an aching for awareness….There is minimal room to breathe, to be, to feel free, as old ways and reactions no longer seem to work or fit. Who you are, who you will become. The sheath of old desires, unfelt emotions, painful memories constricts the flow of life-force.”

“Similar to a snake shedding its skin, it is wise to shed the sheath or layer of energies that stifle one’s growth and healing. Now is the moment to take the plunge and go deep into the realm of healing. Submerge yourself in Love itself and allow all that is not the real you dissolve. Swim up from the depths and up to the surface and walk upon the shores reborn. A feeling of lightness, freedom to feel and courage to act makes each cells tingle within the body. Awareness casts clarity on the path. Express from this state of renewal and draw to you fresh possibilities.”

“A good way to handle the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is with humility and wisdom. The issues, emotions and things arising around the time of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 5° 46′ on April 25th, 2013 may feel highly ’cause and effect’ oriented. Deep, intense, powerful rush of emotions and swelling up of a core issue that requires healing is very likely.”

“Keep in mind, Saturn in Scorpio retrograde closely aspects the Full Moon in Scorpio thus this symbolizes a ‘karmic’ tone or a vibe of — ‘Haven’t I been down this road before or worked at this issue repeatedly?’ The answer more than likely is – yes. With that in mind, it is time to recycle energy. That which no longer serves your greatest good, can leave now. Are you willing to let go of the past? Saturn symbolizes learning, lessons and mastery, and whatever you need to learn, will come up under this phase. Transiting Saturn/Mars tense aspect may bring up obstacles or set backs and yet, the potential is that for mastering one’s desires and ability to be patience around the organic process…”

“Lunar Eclipses symbolize an ending of a chapter, time of letting go, surrendering and closing of doors so to speak. You can see this is a great time of shedding the past, at least whatever you are ready to, and really diving into it and letting go. Don’t over-analyze it. Release the grip and set yourself free to heal and move on. Honor whatever it is or was and let it go on all levels of your being. Wherever area of life the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio activates for you, consider it a time of serious letting go for deep transformation and reclaiming your power. You may find you free up some stuck creative energy in the process!”

“It is possible to encounter obstacles and lessons about desires, as well as manifesting desired outcomes. If you remain too fixated or attached to things, you may be very disappointed or even stifle the progress. This Lunar Eclipse is the first of two more eclipses soon to follow. Be conscious and begin to work with the issue or themes happening and you may not feel as overwhelmed.”

“The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio may bring up seeds that you have sown a long time ago. Whether it is this lifetime or beyond, whatever appears and activates emotional stuff is what needs to be cleared and balanced through being responsible and accepting your part in it. Denying or avoiding will only keep the issue stuck to you longer than necessary.”

“There may be layers to all of this, so do your best to be patient and honor whatever emotion and feeling that comes up from the depths of your being. Allow the emotional cleanse to take place. Remember, energy transforms. What appears to be a loss or leaving your life, there will be something new being born or emerging. The challenge is there to work through lingering unhealthy attachments to people, things and issues…”

“Intention: “I AM Trusting the Process as it Unfolds for My Highest Good and Path”

© Copyright 2013 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved

Wild Woman Sisterhood Short Meditation Guidance

At the full Moon, the energy builds and builds.. there's an explosive outgoing aspect to it. All of nature grows and is more vital at the full Moon. This surge allows you to take action on behalf of those new Moon intentions you set two week prior (we will do this also online the next New Moon, stay tuned). A full Moon ritual might involve taking one solid step, with a symbolic action. And it can be a powerful time to release, cast out, unburden yourself, purge, etc. You celebrate your emergence by stepping out of an old skin, identity, behavior, attitude, relationship. The ritual helps you by marking this inner transformation in a formal way.

It is a Wonderful idea to keep a MoonJournal. If you do this, you get a change to recognize patterns. More and more we'll see how strongly we are connected with the Moon and her cycles.

Short meditation:

Create a Nice atmosphere for yourselve, Light candles and surround yourselve with the things that symbolize your intentions of that you like to see unfold. You can put a seed in the ground, as this is such a Magical Symbol to actually see and watch this seed grow, together with your intentions. Trust! ..that everything will unfold in the most Perfect way.. ♥

Be still.. go inside yourselve and let everything around you go. Your Work, your thoughts. Just Be in this moment and relax!

Tune in with the Cosmos, Tune in to the Earth, Tune in to the Moon and Tune in to our World Wide Wild Sisterhood MoonCircle.

Feel how strong the connection is we all have been building up by ourselves and together. Finding each other again, connecting with each other. Having a World Wide Network of Sisters available now makes us feel strong, alive and it inspires us in so many ways. Our creative sites are being inspired and we are becoming more and more Aware of our own True essence and what we really want and need in live. We have been and are planting seeds everywhere. It is now up to ourselves what we do with the seeds that we have planted. We can now decide to nurture our seeds with the best care and to guide them, so that they can become the most beautiful trees, plants and flowers with solid healthy roots in the Earth.

Imagine that all your intentions, you want to grow this year, are brought in a seed. And see how this seed will grow, growth itself a way through the Earth, overcomes difficulties.. and see how this seed grows into a beautiful flower and how it shines in the Sun, Grateful at Peace ♥

Keep having faith and trust in yourself, and in live. Realize that we Sisters (/Brothers) are connecting at this very moment, and that we are all on the same road finding our way Home. To live in Love and acceptance. And we ARE on our Way, you can see this and you can feel it.

By embracing each others differences, we are Embracing OurSelves and the Universe.

Love to all, Always!

A Blessed Loving Beautiful Full Moon every One!

♥ May we all expand beyond our limitations ♥


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