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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wild Beauty

Wild Woman Sisterhood

Bringing Back Original Wild Beauty Campaign

Bringing Back Natural Beauty; of all sizes, ages and cultures in Photo (Art)

Especially photo's with natural women, without make up, are hard to find. They excist, but there is a lack of pictures of profound shiny pure beautiful women who shine from the inside out and radiate Love, in all sizes, ages and cultures.. That's also the reason why there aren't enough of those kind of pictures on Wild Woman Sisterhood sites. They are hard to find. Our Power and goal is to connect, awaken and inspire every one, and not to create an image of 'perfect' women, as if a woman is only perfect when she is thin or with make up. Absolutely not! Pure Beauty shines from within. And that beauty we want to present on the images we use.

 We are not anti make up/decorating to exemplify our femininity, not al all! We are pointing out that there is a lack of images available that shows us purity and natural looks, without make up and all kind of women.

Unfortunately at this moment, almost all the pictures we find that beholds that certain vibration that we share, are all 'perfect' women. It is not that we see it like this, everyone is perfect and everyone is Pure Beauty in his divine essence. It is our world that has created some kind of 'perfect' image of a woman, and the time is Now! to change this! It is time to show the World that real beauty shines from within.

So we also like to ask photographers to please use more varied kinds of women in your pictures. This world is craving to see women on pictures of all sizes and cultures, without make up and who are shining and radiate Peace, Strenght and Love. Pictures that also show us a a real healthy image of how women look like in reality. All women will shine from within once we have found ourselves and learn how to love our pure and wonderful own perfect Being.

What we are looking for are pictures that vibrate positive energy and we prefer a natural atmosphere with al kinds of women, all sizes, all cultures..
Also we planned to create these pictures ourselves, to share World Wide that true Beauty and Happiness is an inside job. We want to inspire the rest of the World to do the same. Lets co-create!

We are looking forward to receive lots of varied Art en pictures.

Please join us in this Campaign so we can all share a more reality image. Thanks all!

Wild Woman Sisterhood

If you have or find images or Art which you want to share with the world,
you can sent them to us and we will. E-mail:


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