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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Win Free Tickets for this Amazing Festival

Lightning in a Bottle festival in California

Wild Woman Sisterhood is giving away 2 tickets 
for this Amazing LIB Festival in California
These 2 Full Weekend Festival Passes normally costs: $240 each
We Give them away for Free!
LIB 2013 is happening July 11-15th
at Lake Skinner in Temecula, California.
Lightning in a Bottle is a celebration of Art, Sustainability, Music,
Performance, and Life Itself.
LIB strives to be a greater expression each year. They take pride in curating local up and coming music talent and international world renowned artists. LIB paved the way for live painting at their events with Lightning in a Paintcan, which is headed up by their very own non-profit The Do Art Foundation, who’s efforts fund initiatives that are far reaching in the art world. They host speakers and workshops on topics of sustainability, spirituality and child-friendly entertainment. Behind everything they do, LIB is a deep commitment to our environment and our sustainability practices which they continually strive to improve every year. LIB was the winner of the Outstanding Greener Festival Award, 3-years in a row!

from the creators:
Lightning in a Bottle is not just an art and music festival. LIB is really about being a catalyst for change; for triggering transformation in peoples lives so that we all may have a more positive impact on the world. For 5 days of magic we gather together to create, celebrate, smile, and love in a space that elevates the connection and wonder our everyday world often lacks. And we’ve heard many stories now about how the space Lightning in a Bottle creates changes peoples’ lives in beautiful and powerful ways.

We have heard stories about people meeting, falling in love, and getting married. People discovering the creative spark to leave a corporate career and embark on a life the produces sustenance from art and independence.  Or people finding creative partners for new endeavors that take them on journeys they never thought possible. Transformation. From the normal to the beautiful. From the broken to the mended. From the dull to the shining brightness of a new dawn.
Wild Woman Sisterhood Supports this Amazing Festival with such beautiful idealistic goals.
Do you want to part of this festival?
What you should do!
follow these instructions:

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Final Winners will be selected before the 1st of July by Public Vote
Stay Tuned and follow this if you  really want to Go! :))

Where you can find all the details of this Lightning in a Bottle Festival:
Find and follow them on Facebook: Go HERE



Anonymous said...

I want to go because my life is kind of "stuck"... I'm divorced, my only son just married and at this point I am totally alone and free and I am looking a new way to live life... ambrasing it and enjoying it at full. I love art also I would love to take part in this amazing festival but I have not the economic media to asist.
Well, thanks a lot.
Have a great day!
Rosana Aramiz

Carter Filimon said...

hooray for commUNITY! <3

Anonymous said...

I will be moving to California in the next weeks.

Would love for LIB to be my first festival.

This year is the year of my transformation. Healthwise and healing in spirit.

Nough said. ♡ ~ Jimmy

N Ruiz said...

I love LIB...I hope I can win tickets to this year's festival so I go. It's my favorite festival!! :D

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Lightning in a Bottle because it would be reconnecting with old friends. My group of friends split off after high school to go to different colleges. We haven't been all together in a long time and when I found that they were going to the festival I wanted to join. Unfortunately I don't have the funds for it because I have to pay for my education. Things have been a struggle these past two years after finding out I was bipolar and I am ready to leave all the negativity behind and live my life in a more peaceful healthy environment and this would be a great start.
Thank you so much
Katherine Heflin

GarbiƱe Jaurrieta said...

I want to go because I am leaving the country and there is no better way to say goodbye and forgetting all my problems, and reasons why I have to leave this place than attending an event like this. It would provide me the positive energy and relief that I am seeking for.

Garbine Jaurrieta.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to LIB. I've never been to Coachella either but of the two I really want to go to LIB; the atmosphere of health, music, and community is something I want to be a part of.

Anonymous said...

Last year I went to LIB and as the lights flared and surrounded the atmosphere with an aura of a distant future and as the music danced off the tiny follicles within my ear I stood and couldn't not stopped staring at this couple smiling... and since then I've never seen than anything more beautiful, nor have I experienced something so pure. I'd just like to see that again.

Evvy Tirosh said...

I would love to go to this festival. Every year I go to Coachella and other festivals, but something always feels missing. The vibe is completely different. I have never been to Lightning in a Bottle, but I have been following the Do Lab and its artists for several years. I crave the type of environment LIB has to offer. Yoga, self improvement workshops, some of the most thought-provoking and inspiring all is part of the LIB experience, from what I can see from the details of the festival on the website, and from everything I hear from past LIB-goers. It just seems like a festival unlike any other. And on top of everything...the MUSIC! I crave something different from festivals, and I feel like LIB is the answer. On top of it all, it falls just after my birthday, and the new venue looks incredible! I'm DYING to go!!!!

Evelyn Tirosh

Anonymous said...

First off, thank you for this opportunity! Our friends will be gathering from around the states to join this LIB! Unfortunately, me and my man lost our jobs. We are realizing that LIB may not make the cut this year. I hope to bring this love and light at LIB 2013

Bless it, Jessika Suesoff

Tia Chick said...

I would love a chance to experience the excitement and thrill of attending LIB,Just looking over the website and reading the reviews has got me really excited for the event.I have heard so many good things about this festival that I would like a chance to attend, to enjoy the music and art in a way that is most uplifting and to become part of something bigger.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to this beautiful festival for a number of reasons. First, I yearn for the feeling of community... true community that can only be felt at transformational events like these. Next, I want to learn. True learning can only be done in new situations with an open mind and LIB is one of the only places where my mind can be truly open and I can truly be myself. Finally, I want to be part of this festival so I can take all that I experience and learn and spread it throughout my everyday life to people who can't experience things like this in their lives.

Really hoping to see all of you there!

Nick Waterhouse

Martina Tingley said...

Going to LiB would be the experience of a lifetime for me. One that I have yet to experience and also one that I am unable to afford. Attending this event would allow me to reach out and meet all of my brothers and sisters that will help me to expand and enhance my worldview. I can continue to transform myself by being exposed to thousands of beautiful and unique spirits gathering there! This would me my first festival on this scale and I look forward to being able to join the people of my town in shining with the rest of the beautiful attendees. I would be honored if you would consider me for this opportunity. I also am sending out good and positive vibrations to any of the others who may need this more than I do.

Many blessings and much love!

Martina Tingley

Juliet Olmos said...

Hello Wild Woman Sisterhood!
I'd like to go to lightning in a bottle to play and grow with many beautiful and radiant spirits. I'd like to go to be with my brothers and sisters in a magical ambiance of love and collaboration. I would love to participate in the many healing activities and listen to the words of transformational teachers and speakers. Most of all I'd like to go to spread love love and more love. Thank you for this opportunity! Y'all are amazing!! <3

Danielle Dyer said...

I want to GooOOOooo because I am alive and thriving. Experience is the key to tranformation and I want to experience as much freedom as possible. Now is my time to Create, Spark, and Love on a mass scale at Lighting in a Bottle this is possible. LIB is a excellent example of the beauty created by community coming together to celebrate and remember what is truly amazing about being alive and being human... Dance, Art,Nature, Healing, MUSIC Friendship, Creation! Something about the simultaneity of these allows us to discover and share our own unique flow. . . At a festival we remember that we are family and we all inspire each other to be our true selves which is Divine, Free and full of light. Life is a playground and I wanna play

So much love so much gratitude,

Danielle Dyer

Cristal B. said...

LIB would be the most perfect way to celebrate my 27th birthday! Would love to go and experience all the things listed below and more:

Green energy
Non gmo food
interactive areas
Nico Luminous
Good vibes


Alex Grey

Organic food
Temple of consciousness
Tea temple
Electronic music

Thank you!

Linda Sobeck said...

Winning these tickets to the Lightening in a Bottle Festival would be a tremendous blessing!! I have lived an incredibly lovely and blessed life, already. And, like many of you, I've had trials and events that have lead to fantastic growth and the call to unleash my wild woman! Admittedly - my desire to attend the LIB Festival is purely selfish!! I hope to savor and "bottle-up" as much strength, wisdom and healing light as possible so that I my serve in my own community. Uncorking that Lightening in a Bottle here at home in Colorado, letting loose the wild magic on all I encounter is the best way I can imagine to serve. : ) Thank you for this beautiful opportunity!

Linda Sobeck

DK Padhi said...

I am at a transition point in my life and need an infusion of energy to make the change needed for further growth and to find how I can best help humanity and the planet.

Anonymous said...

Would love to go feel close to nature, experience the west coast and its wild beauty and music!

still shpongled said...

I want to win these tickets not for myself, but for my family. Luckily my family consists of me, my older brother and our mom, so 2 extra tickets are just how many we need. :) My brother has been going to school for almost 3 years, living very meagerly of student loans and working his butt off to get through school. He is and has been working so hard for all this time because he wants to be able to buy a house for our mom. Now after so long and so much hard work, he's finishing school just a week before LIB! I would love nothing more than to be able to reward all of his selfless, hard work with the 2 magical tickets to LIB!

Anonymous said...

Why I want to go...

To Once Again
crack open the fragile shell of
my duel existence
and let in
pure love
pure light
the dance of nimble feet under a moon-lit sky
the breath of a thousand upturned faces
in ecstatic motion
the swelling of a breast as it bends in
beautiful grace
the fire of a soul as it meets another in perfect union
the unity of a tribe coming together
sharing the consciousness of a better tomorrow
and being living proof
of the undeniable truth
it is possible today

And so it is!

Emily Braile said...

My soul sister, a fellow wild woman, and i have been trying for years to get to California. We want to be in a place as vibrant and magical as we are inside, we want to be surrounded by kindred spirits, wild women from the world over. We thirst for an experience the Lightning in a Bottle festival provides, a wild dance of art, music, imagination, and beautiful souls. We're in our early twenties, just starting out, paying off loans, and my friend especially has gone through many struggles; some deep rooted and long lasting, others new. I want to give her California, and the adventure we've always thirsted for.

Anonymous said...

I would be honored to attend this festival because I've never been before, and I think this type of community and atmosphere could be just what I need to revive my soul and recharge my zest for being alive. I've been so bogged down and stressed and blue lately and I need a good dose of the arts and positive vibes to bring the usual 'me' back. I need to channel my inner wild woman and restore my sense of gratitude for the world and myself, and LIB looks like the ideal place to do that :-)

Heather Sizelove said...

I noticed a few weeks ago that I am living the same gloomy routine day after day and I had been worried so much about buying material things and I forgot about experience. I have never been somewhere where it was something really to REMEMBER. I would love to go to Lib to have something to look back on and love every day of my life. Because let's face it a new pair of shoes can only have so much meaning before it falls into routine and the happiness is no longer there. I want to experience and love, laugh and live my life to it's fullest and I think that Lightning in a Bottle could change all that for me <3

Anonymous said...

Music, Community, Art, Health and most important of all…LOVE! All these attributes transcend and intertwine with one another to encompass my being and desire to attend this year’s Lightening in a Bottle festival.
I want to experience unconditional togetherness with friends and family. I want to reflect upon and embrace our trials and tribulations through meditation, yoga and the sharing of experiences. I want to work together as a community to achieve a bigger success from within and without.

kyle huynh said...

Winning these tickets to the Lightening in a Bottle Festival would be a life changing! I’ve met an amazing group of people through couch surfing and they have helped me realize what community AND family is. When you let go of all that is superficial world, things can start to change in ways I never thought was possible. I traveled with only a backpack and met many people who were willing to let me into their homes and share their wealth with me.
I want to be encompassed in the LIB experience and seek friendships that will build and strengthen the soul. I hope to savor much wisdom, strength, friendship and spirituality as possible so that I can use it to positively change the world around me. I want to go to LIB so that I may be with my “family” and give back to those who have given so much to me.

larry m said...

I’ve missed out on many events due to the costochondritis I experience in my chest. I experience painful muscle spasms on my chest at least 8-10 times a day. It’s painful and debilitating. I am left without the energy or spirit to take part in any extended activities.
In 2011, I decided to rise above my costochondritis and went to my very first Lightning in a Bottle. I engulfed myself in the beautiful music, activities and people. There I discovered that yoga would be the cure for my condition. Through yoga and meditation my condition has improved and I no longer experience the piercing pain that has lasted for over 4 years! It is a miracle and a blessing that LIB helped me find my cure!
I want to go back to LIB so that I may share my experience to benefit others & be with all the beautiful friends I have met along the way.

Wandershroom said...

The energy flowing from this festival is truly remarkable. I love all the pictures!!! Have Fun, Learn, Motivate & Share at Lightning in a Bottle.
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪ ~Peace, Love & Happiness~ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused on the rules for the contest... it says voting will be public. Does this mean we will vote on submissions?

Nick Waterhouse

rachel g said...

I have been living the same bleak routine day after day. I have been so concerned with working just to make ends meet that I am left forgetting to take care of my soul. I would love to go to LIB to escape the world I am trapped in. At LIB I hope to find a sense of community, build friendships and regain my sanity and spirituality. I hope to meet other vibrant souls and remember LIB as a time when my soul was rejuvenated and inspired by art, community, health and music!

Donna's Transformation said...

I would like to win these tickets and gift them to my two young adult daughters who both have been talking about LIB since they first heard about it and really want to go, they were late in finding out to volunteer and cannot afford the tickets. My girls work hard and have been through some rough times it would be a blessing for them and some freedom to enjoy this festival they really want to go to ... if there were 3 tickets I would go too, just to see them have fun for a change <3

LateAnnie said...

"why" not?
In the sun we shine, our bodies glisten alive
The air we breathe, shared passed from each to another..tree bird child..
The beat within in tune without..moving - feet, hands, spirit...lifted
By grace we live
By chance we meet
By sheer beauty we connect
To learn, to hope , to dream, to be, to love we gather
And as ONE we DANCE.

Brianna Strong said...

I would absolutely love to have the chance to go to LIB. I've never been able to afford festivals/concerts like this, and sadly won't be able to afford this one either. This would be a powerful, and transformational experience for both me and my sister, and a chance to connect and create friendships with new, relatable people. I especially want to go this year, considering Alex Grey and David Wilcock will be there! I hope you'll conside me :)

Namaste <3


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